Workshop: Agency & Life (Syros, July 4-5)

We are glad to announce this workshop on the notion of organismal agency, which will take place in hybrid form at the University of the Aegean, Syros, Greece. Those who wish to attend the workshop online please contact Argyris Arnellos at before the 3rd of July. Please be aware that times indicated below correspond to EEST.


Day 1 – Tuesday 04

9:30-9:45 Introduction

9:45-11:00 Johannes Jaeger (University of Vienna, Complexity Science Hub, Vienna, Ronin Institute): An evolutionary account of relevance realization

11:00-11:30 Break

11:30-12:45 Matteo Mossio (IHPST/CNRS): From agency to adaptive agency and cognition: explanatory challenges in autonomy theory

13:00-15:00 Lunch

15:00-16:15 Samir Okasha (University of Bristol): The concept of agency in biology: meanings and motivations

16:15-16:45 Break

16:45-18:00 Kepa Ruiz-Mirazo (UPV/EHU): Agency before life: primordial (metabolic, ecological, and evolutionary) reasons to conceive protocells as minimal agents

Day 2 – Wednesday 05

10:00-11:45 Fred Keijzer (University of Groningen): How to slice the evolutionary steps towards mind? Why agency may not cut it

11:15-11:45 Break

11:45-13:00 Argyris Arnellos (University of the Aegean): Visual perception, minimal representation, and the emergence of cognitive functions within a biological organization

13:00-15:00 Lunch

15:00-16:15 Alvaro Moreno (Donostia International Physical Center): Where mind begins: an evolutionary approach to conscious agency

16:30-18:00 General discussion