CFA: Philosophy and Mathematics of Situated Agency

Keynote speakers: Daniel Hutto (University of Wollogong), Inês Hipólito (HU Berlin), Antonio Bicchi (Italian Institute of Technology), S​teven M. LaValle (University if Oulu), Julian Kiverstein (University of Amsterdam).

Organizers invite extended abstract of approximately 250-500 words (excluding references) on the following topics:

  • Philosophical analysis of (i) situated agency, (ii) enactivist and ecological agency
  • Philosophy of robot perception and sensorimotor interaction
  • Metaphysics of enactivist and ecological perception
  • Phenomenological approaches to situatedness, embodiment, and ecological perception / affordances / attunement
  • Cognitive models of situated and embodied agency
  • Dynamical systems approaches to cognition, perception, embodiment, and agency (mathematics and/or philosophy)
  • Minimal models of cognition, embodiment, sensorimotor contingencies, and ecological perception / affordances / attunement
  • Relationships between (i) affordances and perception, (ii) neuroscience and enactivism
  • Mathematical models of affordances, situatedness, embodiment, and robot perception with an emphasis on embodiment
  • Virtual reality: philosophical, mathematical, enactivist and ecological approaches
  • Affordances and attunement in virtual reality

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