We are pleased to announce the call for abstract for this Conference, on the relation between the Marxian tradition and the left-Sellarsian Pittsburgh School, to be held at University College London.

Thee conference aims to build a dialogical space between Marxism and the Pittsburgh School in this conference and thus extend this call for papers.

Suggested topics include:

  • How does Marxism complicate or challenge the Sellarsian distinction between “the space of reasons” and “the realm of law”?
  • How should Marxism be positioned with respect to “the manifest image” and “the scientific image”?
  • Can the space of reasons encompass dialectics?
  • How might Marxists critically assess McDowell’s distinction between “first nature” and “second nature”?
  • What might a Marxist reading of Brandom’s Hegel look like? Does Brandom’s Hegel invite or foreclose such a reading?
  • Is there a bridge from rule-following to a Marxist pedagogy?
  • What kinds of traction can world pictures constituted within the space of reasons have in changing the reality of social relations?  
  • How could the Pittsburgh School contribute to our understanding of ideology?
  • How do Marxist and Sellarsian conceptions of science relate, and is the latter compatible with historical materialism?
  • How could one accommodate real abstraction within the categorial fabric of a Pittsburgh-influenced approach?

Please send a 500 word abstract by 30th March to:

Deadline: March 30th
June 10th-12th GMT
The New Centre for Research & Practice & The Centre for Philosophy of Education at the Institute of Education, University College London