Jeferson Coutinho

Jeferson Coutinho is postdoctoral researcher at the National Institute of Science and Technology in Interdisciplinary and Transdisciplinary Studies in Ecology and Evolution (Brazil). In his PhD research he has studied bees functional diversity in agro-eco-sytems, relying on the Organizational Approach of Function. Nowadays he is interested in the interface between that approach and empirical studies in several ecological systems. He is also professor at the Federal Institute of Bahia, Brazil. His main research interests are theoretical and applied Ecology, interdisciplinary practices, and science education research. Full CV here.


Posts by Jeferson Coutinho

The continental hydrological cycle from the perspective of the organizational theory of ecological functions

10 April 2024

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Do forests play a role in the continental hydrological cycle in tropical regions?

20 March 2024

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Modeling ecological systems through interdisciplinary research

22 November 2022

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