Christopher Shambaugh

Chris is a PhD candidate in Philosophy at the University of Oregon. He completed a BA in Philosophy at Colorado College, an MSc in Modern Literature at the University of Edinburgh, and an MA in Philosophy at the New School for Social Research. His research focuses on 19th century German philosophy (particularly Hegel and Marx), Frankfurt School critical theory, and philosophy of biology. Chris’s current project aims to elucidate the Aristotelian and Hegelian roots of Karl Marx’s materialism by unpacking an ensemble of concepts of life shaping Marx’s philosophical anthropology, social theory, and philosophy of history. He is also interested in exploring the impact of Marx’s Modern Aristotelian naturalism on various traditions of radical social thought, and the influence of Marxian biology on the history and philosophy of biology.


Posts by Christopher Shambaugh

Could All Life Be Agential?”

2 May 2024

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